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antics via CLARK JAMES

FFAKE partnered with Hive FX impressario/director Jim Clark to produce this pair of 30 second combo CG/Live action spots for the Colorado Lottery and Denver agency Cactus. Created in blazing speed over the holiday period from Thanksgiving to New Year's, the spots represent the high production value and character charm that FFAKE has come to enjoy from Jim and his crew.
Bigfeet is a subject near and dear to Jim's heart, who as an Oregon native growing up on the slopes of Mount Hood heard tales of ole' Sasquatch from his uncle, who claims to have sighted one. Jim and crew drew on the stellar creature/monster work they've been turning out on NBC's Grimm to create fully furry realistic Bigfoots (feet!) who integrate nicely into the Oregon forest environments of old growth trees and brush.

Whale was somewhat of a conundrum because the brief was for a realistic Whale doing unrealistic things (like talking and gesturing!) We think we nailed it!

Client: Colorado Lottery

Product: Powerball

Title: Bigfeet :30

Title: Whale :30

Agency: Cactus/Denver

Production: FFAKE/Hive FX

Director: Jim Clark

Executive Producer: Paul Golden